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Driveway and Bridge Repair

Updated: May 23, 2022

We we're called to Glenwood, NC the beginning of this month to help Sweet Betsy Farm. Sweet Betsy Farm raises and sells local honey and has a beautiful property next to a creek. Over the years the flooding from rains has put a significant amount of stress on the old bridge.

The old bridge was formed with 2 concrete walls pushing against the water with 2 pipes in the center to allow water to pass through. The bridge was then filled with rock waste, dirt and gravel. The stress was causing the bridge to collapse. The pipes were being crushed and soon it would have been a major disaster. This driveway repair was about to receive a major face lift.

We broke ground! We started by digging up all old gravel, rock and dirt to expose the large metal pipes. Once we reached the pipes we had to advert all the water through one pipe removing the smaller crush pipe. With the water running through the single pipe and the rest of the area damned off the job took flight.

The old walls were then cut and removed allowing us to frame up for new footers that would not be fighting the water. After pumping and 4 yards of concrete later we continued to work around the job site fixing the creek banks with rock and cleaning up the debris.

The footer frames came off and walls were ready to go up.

We had an unfortunate battle with storms this day but our Grading Crew worked through the rain to get these walls framed. Once the rain passed concrete came rolling in.

Our beams were delivered and the wall framing was done. We installed the beams and applied the pine decking to the top. This bridge and driveway repair was complete. The homeowners no longer have to fear flooding and washouts and they said "we are excited to see it rain and not worry about getting in and out".

We were excited to help out another local business and relieve some stress that they had on their shoulders! We appreciate your business Ed and Karen Speer!!

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1 Comment

Ed Speer
Jul 13, 2018

We’re so happy with the new bridge! The old one turned into a dam every time we had heavy rain, creating a 1/2 acre lake immediately up stream—-the two culverts just couldn’t handle the high runoff. Water actually overflowed the old bridge during each of the last 3 heavy rains—causing major damage to the bridge. The next heavy rain was likely to wash it totally away. JC Construction designed and built the new bridge—no more worry during rain storms! Thank you guys for a great job.

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