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Don't Forget to Clean These!

Updated: May 20, 2022

With Spring in the air (along with bacteria, pollen, pollutants, and COVID-19) it's time to do a little extra deep Spring cleaning, and if you're like most Americans social-distancing, now is better than ever to really get to deep cleaning and sanitizing your home. Here are a few places around the house that typically gets overlooked or missed during most cleaning cycles:

1. Your Phone!

It is impossible to keep your phone clean and completely sanitized but considering how much we touch it and it touches our faces, it certainly would be a good idea to give it a good wipe down at least once a day.

2. The Trash Can

A virtual motel for all the germs that have gathered to stay. It is easy to forget to clean the trash can since we associate it with grime. But the aesthetics aren't the major end game, it's ridding all the possible harmful bacteria that has accumulated since it's the last cleaning.

3. Light Switches

When you walk into the room, what's typically the first thing you touch? That's right, the light switch. It may not be for a long time, but they get a lot of hand time, enough to consider wiping down the next time you are sanitizing things.

4. Cleaning supplies

"Does cleaning your cleaning supplies sound like overkill? Maybe a little, but it’s still an important (and often missed) step in the cleaning process. From throwing out old sponges to disinfecting your toilet brushes, keeping your supplies clean will prevent the spread of dangerous germs." says Merry Maids in their article.

Check out their article if you are curious as to what else uncommon items could be cleaned.

Stay safe in there.


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May 30, 2022

Thankks great post

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