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Don't Be a Newbie, When it is Trimming or Pruning a Tree!

Tree trimming and tree pruning do not actually mean the same thing. So what is the difference between trimming and pruning?


Tree trimming is when a tree service company comes in and helps clean up a plant by cutting branches that are overgrown. Trimming can be done for aesthetic appeal but it is also done for tree health. Trimming trees helps promotes good tree health by removing branches as well as allowing light and moisture to the interior of the tree.


Pruning is the removal of branches that are dead or loose. Removing the hazardous branches helps protect property and people. Tree Pruning is also done to help stimulate tree growth. When a homeowner is looking to have a plant grow a certain way or shape pruning is used to achieve this appeal.

When To Trim Trees and When To Prune

Trimming or pruning for different plants is carried out in different periods of time. Trimming is usually done when the appearance of the plant looks off and pruning is done for spring flowering trees in late June and summer plants are pruned during winter.

A professional tree service company can help determine when the proper time to trim or prune trees is necessary.

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