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DIY Safety and Money Saving Tips

Updated: May 23, 2022

We all like to be creative and try those amazing DIY pins on Pinterest. But sometimes it doesn't always seem like a "nailed it" situation. Maybe these tips will help!

Cover Your Belongings.

Most start the work of the project and don't take into consideration home renovations can be a bit messy! Use plastic when painting or demolition.

Wear The Correct Safety Gear.

GLOVES AND SAFETY GLASSES. Even if the home renovation project looks like an A+ at the end its not worth a trip to the emergency room.

Know Your Limits.

Don't take on to large of a project that you can't finish. Just hire the pros! Sometimes starting a project and doing the work wrong from the start can cost you more money in the end.

Like most home renovations, painting seems easy but there is a lot of prep and planning that goes into painting. Lowes offers How To Clinics and this month they are offering a painting class. These classes are a great tool to help learn how to make your home look the best it can!

Paint Like a Pro

Saturday, September 14

It's time to help you paint like a pro. Learn how to paint a wall, trim and ceilings, including tips on project planning, paint prep and cleanup afterward. Customers will paint like a pro.

5 ways to save money on home renovations.

Create a budget and stick to it!

Take your time!

Reuse materials or sell what you don't want

Pay Cash not interest on credit cards.

Wait for sales to buy big items.

All of these points can help make sure you don't have to skimp out at the end of the project on the finishing touches. If you create a budget and stick to you it then you won't have to overspend or run out of money and can't finish your home renovation project. Take your time when working on updating your home. Bathroom and kitchen remodels are not quick, they take time to let all the processes have the correct drying/ prepping time. Reuse any materials that are salvageable. Sometimes refinishing fixtures or reusing old wood can make your place stand out. Pay cash, the long term interest rates will make your home renovation purchase actually cost you more in the end. Wait for the sale, multiple times a year you can find sales at your local appliance or fixture store just be patient and you can save hundreds.

Adding an addition to your home is a very large project and shouldn't be taken lightly. Each city will require different regulations to adding square footage to your home. These permits can take time and if not done correctly could make the addition worthless in the end. We suggest just hiring a professional to take on these large projects, there is no need to stress anymore than you probably do.

Whether it be a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, curb appearance enhancement we are confident if you take the necessary steps to complete the job but we are here to help if you get overwhelmed!


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