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Decks and Different Handrail Options

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Obviously the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of decking is the common 2"x2" picket that, let's face it isn't very elegant and can obscure your beautiful view. There are many options for handrail/picket combos that can give you an ease of maintenance, less view obstruction and be more pleasant to look at. Let's go through a few so you have a couple options to think of.

The Common Picket

The common picket is affordable and quick to install but isn't the best option if you really want to keep your view. It is also difficult to paint/stain every individual picket.

Steel Pickets

Steel pickets are a bit thinner and can also be installed easily and quickly. The are practically maintenance free and a nicer look.

Hog Wire Fencing

Many folks have asked us to install Hog wire fencing in place if the pickets which allows you to still see though to your view wile ensuring to protect the danger areas of your deck. Practically maintenance free and quick and easy to install.

Cable and Turnbuckle

The cable and turnbuckle system is very nice when trying to maintain your view, you can practically see through it. It does take a good bit of time to install but once its up its basically maintenance free.

Glass Handrail

Did you buy your home just for the view and absolutely not willing to give that up but want a beautiful deck to enjoy it on? Then consider tempered glass panels for the handrails. This is labor intensive to get installed and costly but amazing when its done.

Metal Panels

Our good friends over at Turtle Labs create these really cool CNC cut metal panels that can be customized to have any design you can think of. Talk about a custom touch. These panels are quick to install and also maintenance free once painted and installed.

There are many other options for handrail and picket options but these are a few of our favorites. Whatever you decide to do for hand rail remember that North Carolina building Code dictates that you can not have any gaps larger than 4" from deck surface to handrail height of 36"

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