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De-Ice, Ice, Baby! 3 DIY DeIce Tricks

Frost, as beautiful and picturesque as it may be, can be quite frustrating when you hadn't planned on it. Whether it's the windshield or the driveway, sometimes tradition methods just aren't enough to quickly get the job done. Here are 3 DIY deice tricks to make your winter mornings a little less frosty. Add these mixes in a spray bottle and leave in your car to be ready every morning!

3 Parts White Vinegar + 1 Part Water

Spray BEFORE frost on windshields and windows, remove, and it will prevent frost from forming. Be careful to not let the mix set on the paint of the car as it can eat away the paint.

2 Parts 70% Isopropyl Alcohol + 1 Part Water + Few Drops of Dish Soap

Spray directly onto the frozen window or windshield and wait 2-3 minutes. The mix will break up the ice, allowing you to quickly and easily remove it with a scrapper or your wipers after 5-7 minutes.

Half Gallon Hot Water + 6 Drops Dish Soap + 1/4 Cup Rubbing Alcohol

This is best for larger areas like driveways and walkways. Mix in a bucket and apply to the frozen surface. It won't take too, too, long, 3-5 minutes, then the ice will be ready for you to break and remove.


Wood Ash + White Vinegar + Water

There you have it! A few tricks to help keep you from slipping, sliding, and running late in the mornings from frosted windshields!

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