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Controlled Burning

Updated: May 23, 2022

Fire actually brings life. Most believe this technique to be sad but it will actually help the next generation of trees to thrive.

Ashes serve as a fertilizer to replenish the soil of nutrients for new growth. The fires will also eliminate any evasive and unwanted vines, plants or weeds. Large strong trees do not take a hit when a control burn is underway it is only what is on the forest floor that matters. It burns through and leaves empty spaces for new trees and plants. It brings new healthy plants while destroying weak or possibly diseased plants.

Brush clearing also has the same effect. Removing large excessive overgrown bushes and plants can help shed light to the low lying flowers and plants. Over the years there has been multiple control burns across Western North Carolina and our hometown Marion. From the later burns the forest floor has already flourished producing beautiful flowers and greenery.

Of course before doing any burning small or large always obtain a permit to burn. Check wind advisory as well as fire danger advisory to assure there is no fire ban. Large control burning should only be attempted by the national forest service.

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