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Chainsaw Maintenance Musts

When trimming back bushes or chopping down trees, keeping up with proper maintenance on your chainsaw will help keep the operator safe and yard work going smoothly. Whether you have a gas-powered, electric, or cordless chainsaw, it's important to ensure your equipment stays in shape all year.

Before Each Use:

1. Chain Brake Check

The chain brake is a crucial safety feature to ensure the chain stops during a kickback. Before turning the engine on, place the saw on a firm surface and release the chain brake. Start the saw and squeeze the throttle at high speed. Firmly grip the top handle and jerk forward to activate the chain brake. If the break is late or fails to engage, it is unsafe

and in need of repair or replacement.

2. Lubrication Systems Check

With the chainsaw on, check that oil is being fed into the chain. To do this, rev the engine over a clean white paper. If oil does not spray onto the paper, change the filter and clean the oil reservoir.

3. Chain Tension Check

With the chainsaw engine off and safety gloves on, check for any loose tension. If you notice sagging, adjust the chain according to the saw's owner's manual.

Before and After Each Use:

1. Clean out debris from the air intake vent to ensure air can cool the engine.

2. Check the tightness of all screws, nuts and bolts

3. Clean out the debris inside the track

Seasonal Maintenance:

1. Fuel and Oil Filter Check

If the fuel filter becomes clogged, the engine will become hard to start. For a gas-powered saw, remove the filter found under the fuel cap. Remove the filter seasonally and replace it with a new one.

2. Spark Plug Check

Use the manufacturer's specifications to check and adjust the spark plug gap. Change the spark plug at the start of the season or every couple of months.

3. Air Filter Check

A clog in the air filter can quickly cause an engine to overheat. Some debris can be removed by removing the filter and spraying inside it with a compressed air can. If cleaning leaves debris behind, simply replace the filter.

Once your chainsaw is in top shape you can get outside and get to choppin'! Just remember to always saw safely. New to using a chainsaw or having trouble with clean cuts? Don't miss our blog on how to avoid mid-cut stucks.

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