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Crew Member, Bryan!

Meet our Crew Member, Bryan Kelly!

Bryan has worked at JC Property Professionals for over a year. He always has a smiling face and a thumbs up.


3 questions in 3 minutes (or less)

1. What led you to work at JC Property Professionals?

“It all started when I was younger. I've been doing this my whole life and I never really found anywhere I fit in. But then, when I came to JCP, it became a family environment and then from there on I just grew and became better and more efficient and finding better ways to accomplish things.”

2. What is your favorite aspect of this job?

“The atmosphere and the people I work with. A wiseman once told me, 'if you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life'. So I look forward to coming in every day from the new experiences to the new scenery, just everything in general. You can't sum it up into one thing.”

3. Whats your favorite thing to help with on a job?

"A lot of what we do, just removing trees for new grading grounds and all that, just lifting anything heavy in general."

Meet Bryan for yourself when you hire us for your next grading or demolition project.

Want a chance to be in our Employee Spotlight? Easy!

Fill out an application and join our talented and hardworking team today!


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