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Boondocks Parking Lot Expansion

Updated: May 23, 2022

Boondocks Sports Bar and Grill In Marion, NC opened in 2017 tastefully renovating an old bar to fit their vision. Over the year business grew and the small parking lot they had was not enough. They had an empty back lot that only housed a bank covered in trees and kudzu.

So our Tree Service Crew came in and removed all of the trees in the back and well as removed the over crowding small trees along the side of the building. With the trees removed in the back section of the building our grading and excavating crew was able to start their part of the job.

They started by grading out a pathway to the top of the bank. Once the path was cut they were able to bring in the heavy equipment to carry dirt dropped at the bottom of the bank to the top to build out a parking pad.

Multiple loads of dirt later and they had enough to begin leveling. They graded from the back pushing the bank inwards towards the building measuring out a full sized parking lot. Once they had a large enough area they used a transit level system to assure the runoff was flowing in the right direction and that their was not an over extended amount of slope. After the leveling process was complete our driver brought in multiple loads of crushed rock which we used at the base of the parking lot to prevent the 3/4 gravel from sinking. After the crushed rock was compacted enough the loads of gravel came pouring in. The parking lot expansion was completed and Boondocks Sports Bar and Grill no longer had a parking issue. Want to check out the drone footage of this expansion? Click the link and make sure you subscribe to watch all of our project videos! Boondocks Parking Lot Expansion Video

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