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Blue Collar Worker Gift Guide

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Blue collar workers are arguably some of the most difficult people to shop for. Often when you ask what they're looking for in a gift you might get a "nothing" or a "something practical." We've got you covered with these 10 practical and thoughtful gifts for the blue collar worker in your life.

Electric Heated Lunch Box

1. Electric Heated Lunch Box

This is the perfect gift for people working on different job sites or outside with no microwave. They can have a hot lunch without taking extra time from their break to get to a drive-thru. These devices can be recharged with detachable cords or plugged directly into a car's 12V outlet. The boxes can come with compartments to keep food separate and are perfectly sized for leftover and prepped meals.

wool base layer clothing

2. Wool Base Layer

Layers are a crucial addition to outdoor winter wear. Give the gift of warmth with base layers from shirts, pants and socks. These layers add extra protection in cold weather and whisk away moisture.

high protein snacks

3. High Protein Snacks

If the receiver of your gift is known for skipping lunch to get those extra hours in and the job done, a gift bag of high protein and healthy snacks is a great way to show you care. These snacks will help give them the energy to get through the day.

neck cooling and chilling bandana

4. Chilling Bandana

In the hotter months, working outdoors all day or doing any kind of consistent labor can quickly become a sweaty and energy-draining activity. A chilling bandana will help to take the sweat off their brow to keep them cool and collected.

reusable toe warmers

5. Reusable Toe Warmers

These toe warmers are shaped like half-socks and slide over the feet to seal in heat and keep water out. They're low-profile and slim enough to not interfere with the fit of their shoes. These warmers are a great alternative to disposables for keeping toes warm through the winter.

tactical wallet

6. Tactical Wallet

With a built-in multitool frame that can cut wood, open beers and tighten screws, this wallet is a practical gift for anyone. While it has many uses, it also has lots of room for storing cash and cards.

heavy duty hand cleaner

7. Heavy-duty Hand Cleaner

A heavy-duty hand soap is a must-have for anyone getting their hands dirty on the job. Normal hand soap rarely does the trick. Whether it be grease, dirt, adhesives, paints or other stubborn stains, heavy-duty hand cleaners with soy-based solvents will deep clean

while moisturizing cracking hands.

foot massage slippers

8. Foot Massage Slippers

After a long day of standing on concrete or trucking through mud, sliding your feet into these slippers will release the workday tension. These slippers use nubs to press into trigger points on the soles of the feet, which when massaged soothe aches and pains.

heated jacket

9. Heated Jacket

Working outside in the cold all day can really take a toll on the body and spirit. A heated jacket can fade those freezing day feelings. Most heated jackets are rechargeable with long battery lives. Jackets with different heat settings make them suitable for weather changes throughout the day.

flashlight gloves

10. Flashlight Gloves

Whether they've dropped something in between their truck seats or working alone with no one to hold the flashlight. These gloves provide four points of light to guide a search with two beams on each hand.

We hope these 10 holiday gift ideas inspire you to get the perfect gift for the blue collar worker in your life, even if that's yourself! Stay tuned into our future blogs this month as we will be coming at you with even more gift ideas.

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