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Basement Waterproofing

Updated: May 23, 2022

We got a call from a property owner that had a few jobs he needed done. The first was that he wanted 35 tons of 3/4" gravel spread over his driveway, second was fixing puddling water in various spots across his yard. The third was basement water proofing.

Our Grading and Excavating Crew was able to get all these jobs completed. They started by dumping and spreading the gravel. Once the driveway was completed they assessed the yard for low spots and negative sloping. They corrected the slopes and ran the water in different directions. They finished this step by covering the dirt with straw and seed.

The largest part of this project was the water proofing. They began excavating the area assuring they were very careful so they could locate any buried wire, pipes and lines. They hand dug the rest of the way to the footer so they did not damage exposed piping.

Once they reached the footer the water proofing process could be started. The first step was to install a drainage pipe to collect any water that may reach the footer. The drainage pipe lead across the yard and drained off the bank. They then covered the pipe with gravel.

After the pipe and gravel was down they put several layers of tar on the concrete wall. Once dried they hung a 6 mil plastic sheeting to add another layer of protection to any additional moisture build up. They began filling the hole with the remaining dirt. They completed by sloping the ground away from the home to push water down the bank.

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