Are Your Trees in Danger of Falling?

Trees can provide shade and beauty to a yard but can also be a danger. A company such as JC Property Professionals who offer tree removal services in Marion, NC and Surrounding Areas can help you identify trees that may need service. Before contacting a professional tree service company the following items can help you determine if you need assistance as soon as possible.

  • Leaning. If you happen to notice a tree on your property is starting to lean significantly and poses the threat of falling on a structure you should contact our 24 Hour Emergency Service Crew. High winds or saturated grounds may cause these trees to come down soon.

  • Split Trunks. Most mature trees have one solid trunk base which carries the weight of the full tree. If you notice a tree that has split at the base you should contact JC Property Professionals to get an assessment on the integrity of the tree to determine if you need a tree removal service.

  • Diseased Trees. If you have a noticed discolored bark or yellowing leaves your tree may be diseased and in the process of dying. They pose a risk of breaking or dropping large limbs causing damage.

If you have noticed any or all of these items you should contact JC Property Professionals today for Tree Service.

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