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Already 1/2 Way Through 2020! (Our Half-Year Recap)

Updated: May 20, 2022

Where has the time gone? It's already the halfway point of 2020. There's been a lot happening in the world, but that's not what we are here to talk about. We just want to show off the awesome projects we have completed!

JC Construction

From the roof to the foundation, we have done it all since January. We built a garage for a happy customer in Marion, remodeled the bathroom, kitchen, and guest room in a house in PG, added an addition to a house in Old Fort (a new room for a growing family), remodeled the Bail Bonds building in Downtown Marion, a Pergula in Lake James, and completed several roofs (and even one round one)!

JC Tree Service

Emergencies happen with heavy rains bringing down trees. We have served several emergencies removing trees that have fallen on homes, cars, sheds, and in the road. Tree in a precarious spot? We can use a crane! We have twice this year. We have removed countless dead limbs, bug/mold-infested branches, many tree fallings, underbrushing, trimming, and pruning jobs in Lake Lure, Little Switzerland, Biltmore in Asheville, Rutherfordton, Lake James, and more all over in McDowell County.

JC Grading and Demolition

With all this rain, it's gotta go somewhere! We have been busy installing numerous drainage pipes to help owners with all this excess water. Speaking of water, we shaped two ponds, perfect for these hot days or a little weekend fishing. Those new garages JC Construction built had to go somewhere, we cleared the space for the concrete pads. All this creating, we've done some destroying too! We've demoed several houses, sheds, and barns. To wrap it up, we have moved tons, and tons, and tons of dirt.

We love what we do and we love staying busy. Thank you to our great community for trusting us with their property improvements!

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Jerry Sowards
Jerry Sowards
Jul 03, 2020

Very pleased with the last project , and ready to move on to the next . We're ready when you are .

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