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7 Unique Flower Bed Concepts and Ideas!

Updated: May 20, 2022

The colors of Spring are unique and can pull a lot of attention to the blooming flowers. Don't let onlookers see a rundown, generic, or ordinary flower bed! Here are 7 unique ways of making your flower bed as pretty and unique as the flowers inside!


Whether it is on something like shelves or it is multiple flower beds built on top of one another, stacking will help you maximize space in a limited area or where growing out may not be a feasible option. An easy way to do this is take smaller box-style planters and stack them on top of one another.

Vertical Bed

This can be an even better option when space is limited. Besides a space saver, this bed style has a unique look that can decorate areas only higher growing stems and vines will reach. This can be an old bed headboard, modified bookshelves, shoe or food organizers for limited closet or pantry space, or any custom build you can come up with.

Flower Tower

This one takes a little customization but looks really, really cool. It is like a special, compact vertical bed. There are many different styles and ways to achieve this flower tower formation. One easy way is having 5 pots, each smaller than the next, and stacking them on-top of one another with a pole or some kind of brace going through the center for stability. This is just one of a million and more ways so you can find what works best for you.


To some garden enthusiasts, this is a way of life, but to others, it's a concept they might not have explored. Obviously to have a hanging bed you need somewhere for it to hang from but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be a ceiling or roof. There are many ways of achieving this, from porch banisters to custom made structures. Once you have your support, the pots or planters you use and the material used to suspend them all are decorative decisions (that's the fun part, right?).

Old Log

Using an old log as your planter is easily the most physically demanding on our list, however, it is a unique look worth the effort! Finding the right log and getting it to your desired location is a process all on it's own so we're going to skip to getting it ready.

- (If desired) Strip the log of bark and sand until smooth

- Hollow out the log (preferably with a chainsaw), sand the inside

- Add your soil and you're ready to plant!

A few things to keep in mind, hard woods like oak may last longer but will be much more difficult to hollow out and sand. On average, you should get about 5 years with your log planter.

Spiral Rock Bed

It is a common technique to use rocks in your flower bed to create boundaries and define edges. Typically used as a boarder but there are several other creative ways to use rocks to create a unique flower bed and/or garden. The designs can be as simple or as complex as you would like them to be!

Cinder Blocks

Another simple concept ready to become as complex as you want to make it (in a good way)! The idea is when on it's side, the two holes are the plant space. That's it. BUT! They are blocks made for building. So with this in mind, depending on the number of blocks you have, you can build the plant space you want. This is one way of utilizing leftover blocks from a building project.

There is nothing wrong with a square or rectangle planter but if you are wanting to create a little change in your planting life, these projects are a great start! And if you are planting in Spring, remember, wait until after the last freeze.

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