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5 Reasons to Demolish a Building

Making the decision to demolish a building can be a tricky one with lots of factors. While many structures can be repaired, there are lots of cases where the cost of repairs is just not worth it. We've compiled five reasons you may consider hiring professionals like us to demolish a building on your property.

Empty Vacant Lot of Land

1. Sell a Vacant Lot

Some properties are more valuable as an empty lot, without a building that otherwise would require buyers to make major repairs or pay to demolish themselves. Demolishing the building before putting the lot on the market can make the land more appealing and apparent in property searches for those looking to start their own build.

Meme of demolished home reading: " Maybe we should've repaired the foundation before adding an extra level"

2. Foundation Issues

Structural problems within older buildings are often rooted in the foundation. Foundation can weaken or crack over time, including not only block/brickwork but also footers, concrete slabs and sill plates. Foundational issues can lead to a costly renovation, avoidable with demolition.

Termite Damage for a JCP Demolition Job

3. Hazards

If a building has been sitting vacant, there's a possibility that a family of critters like mice or insects has made themselves at home. Hazardous materials like mercury, lead, or asbestos can also be found in old buildings, along with years of mold hiding in hard-to-reach damp or poorly ventilated spots. All of these health and safety hazards are reason enough to demolish the building.

Meme of Building Inspector reading about the floor being lava.

4. Building Code and Zoning Law Changes

Zoning laws and building codes are being updated frequently to be more environmentally friendly and to fit modern construction practices. In some cases, changing an older building to meet new regulations can be much more costly compared to demolition.

Meme of roof caving in reading: "Quality. It's only important when you plan on staying in business."

5. Old Age

Old buildings, particularly commercial buildings, often have a long list of repairs needed. Even if structurally sound, plumbing or HVAC systems can be dated. For commercial properties, the outdated architecture or interior style can hold a business back from growing.

Hopefully, these five reasons to proceed with a demolition can save you the headache of further research. If you're still wondering whether or not you should demolish a structure, give us a call and we will be happy to help guide you! While you're here, don't miss our blogs on demolition costs and the demolition process.

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