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5 Friendly Ways of Preventing Mice

Updated: May 20, 2022

As the cold comes settling in, mice and other rodents come scurrying in. Don't let these micro-freeloaders stay in your home all winter. But let's say you don't want to kill them, just let them know your house doesn't have a vacancy, here are 5 ways to deter mice from setting in your home this fall and winter.

Seal all Entry Points

This is harder than it sounds but it can make the largest difference. Besides the obvious places like doors, windows, and crawl spaces, check places where wires, pipes, and other accessories enter or exit the home. No matter the size of the hole or crack, try and obstruct or fill the passage the best you can. If you can see light passing through, a pesty mouse can chew a hole big enough for a whole mouse family (including extended cousins, aunts and uncles).

Create a Clean Perimeter

A mouse knows it is the snack of the animal world and hunted by most carnivores. They seek safe places to operate and move about. Cleaning debris, wood piles, children's toys, and really anything in the yard around the place a little mouse can hide will reduce the number that locate your home.

Move Bird Feeders Farther From Home

Birds don't eat with the best etiquette and will often drop a lot of bird seed from their feeders to the ground. This is a perfect and enticing snack for a cold mouse seeking a quick meal. And since often bird feeders are placed close to the house, the house then becomes the next stop.

Seal All Animal Food and Bags of Lawn Seeds

Speaking of food, let's say a mouse makes the journey and ends up in your home. Don't let it eat for free, then it'll never leave! During the fall and winter months, it is a good idea to put all pet foods, bird seed, and things like grass seed in a sealed container. The gnawing power of these pesky pests are really strong, so once they smell food, they can rip through any bag of pet food with ease.

If All Else Fails, Essential Oils (or mousetraps)

There are natural deterrents, essential oils and natural smells (like peppermint, menthol, or clove) that mice turn their nose to.

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