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4 Tips to Help You Paint Like a Pro

Updated: May 20, 2022

Painting can be a long, tiresome, stressful process. Hiring a professional would be the simplest way to go but let's say you're wanting a more personal touch on your space (and to save hundreds of dollars in the long run). Here are some ideas that could make your next painting project a little shorter and hopefully less stressful.

1) Don't Paint on Rainy Days This isn't entirely true but it is a fantastic rule-of-thumb. Humidity in the air makes drying an even longer, time-consuming process. There is an opportunity to make minor touchups while the paint is slowly drying but you don't want to add too many added strokes because an overworked scene never looks well.

2) Know Your Nap (not counting sheep) The nap is determined by the surface texture to be painted. You want to be able to reach inside creaks and crevices, however, too thick and you could create a texture in the area you're painting you didn't intend.

3) Do the Details First Doing the trim first, then ceilings, and finishing with the walls will speed up your entire painting process and save you a lot of headaches.

4) Remove Lint from Rollers The most obvious statement is don't buy cheap rollers. But if you are on a budget and decide to go in the cheaper direction with your rollers, wrap then unwrap them with painter's tape. It provides just enough sticky to remove the loose pieces of lint ready to stick to your wall.

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