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2022 in Review: Our Best Year Yet

This year we've grown in more ways than one. While we've expanded our company internally, we've also made friends reaching across western NC and into the piedmonts where our crews are breaking ground and shaking hands. From clearings and driveway repairs to house site preps and demolitions, we've had our best year yet for building connections with our valued customers.

This Year We’ve…

Put smiling faces on over 100 customers. Contributed to 128 acres of community development. Created 50 driveways for smooth drives home. Prepared 50 house sites for families to grow in. Saved 5 homes from major disasters. Accepted 3 tons at our stump dump to give properties clean starts. Filled over 2,000 loads of dirt to improve properties across western NC! How can our Grading and Demolition services help you in the coming year?

JC Grading and JC Demolition

We're thrilled to add mulch sales to our list of services at our shop! Whether you need a pickup truck load or several loads by dump truck, we have the mulch to be your reliable source for small to medium-sized projects.

This year we had the opportunity to connect with our community through several events such as the Livermush Festival, Mountain Glory Festival and the McDowell Chamber's Annual Golf Classic. Being on the ground at events like these always puts a smile on our team's faces while we bond with McDowell locals and visitors alike.

How was your 2022?

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