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2019 - One for the books!

Updated: May 20, 2022

We are proud to serve McDowell County and all the surrounding counties bringing to you full line tree service, grading, excavating, demolition and construction services!

"The first week of January was the start of something great. Our JCP2 Crew started a process of self development as a group. Learning lessons together to grow in all aspects of our lives and I couldn’t be more proud standing in front of these guys as they all learn, grow and thrive together throughout the year." -John Seaman

We also announced that thanks to all of our loyal customers and the continuing flow of support we receive daily we were able to purchase a new property that has since allowed us to expand daily. Our new location is 1767 E Court st., Marion, NC. Here is a before picture of the property but in order to see all the update work going on you will need to come by and check it out yourself!!

Our Tree Service Crew spent a lot of time on Morgan Street in Marion, NC removing multiple trees on multiple properties that were a big concern to property owners. A large tree had fell on a home after all the constant rain and the other home owners eyes were opened to the threats their large trees held. The crew also spent some time at Lake James helping clear a view across the lake for a couple of homeowners.

By the end of April we had a major clean-up and grading job in Old Fort, NC. Big rocks made this job a little challenging but nothing our professionals couldn't handle.Then a metal roof was installed on the home on the Montreat College campus located in Montreat, NC and a new garage build by Lake James had the trimming added to the outside perimeter. All of the JCP2 crews have been working hard and staying focused to assure that each job we completed small and large was finished in exceptional timing as well as leaving no detail untouched.

To wrap up the first half of the year we acquired a new piece of equipment allowing us to have all the proper equipment needed to clear your lot, grade your lot and build you a beautiful custom home! Beautiful Properties Start Here!

The hurricane brought a little bit of wind to our area. It was just enough to cause trees that were barely hanging on from the last big storm to come crashing down. This homeowner found their tree had lost one whole side, thankfully it caused minimal damage to the home.

We spent the summer on Lake James covering a deck build. The upper of this old deck was falling apart and had to be demo'ed and rebuilt. Our construction crew came in and finished this deck build up with a rising sun overlooking the lake.

In August we helped out this property owner on Lake James with tree removal to clear this incredible view to see Table Rock. This tree removal required our tree climber to scale these tall pines bringing them down piece by piece.

NEW SKYSCRAPER COMING TO DOWNTOWN MARION?! Nope, that large crane towering over downtown was actually helping us bring life back to an old building. If you saw the post earlier you saw the extensive damage that was caused to the roofing structure over the years. The crane was needed to help us lift steel beams and new roofing trusses for us to rebuild the roofing structure that will allow this building to last many more years!

Our Construction Service Crew finished up a custom deck over looking the beautiful Lake

James. Followed by a deck for a property owner that was overlooking a mountain range. Both of these projects helped step their entertainment space up a level!

We finished up a full home rehab and we love looking back at what a project was like at the beginning! Everything in this home was touched. For some, it's hard to imagine what the after can look like but this property owner knew this old worn-out house could be her new home.

Our Grading and Demolition Crew cleaned house at the old Ethan Allen plant! Our Grading Crew is equipped to handle any demo and cleanup job large or small!