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In our "About Us" section from our home page, we mentioned JC Property Professionals started out as simply "JC Construction" Several years ago with our love for the home building process. Our crew is extremely passionate about the new construction home building process and development. There is something extremely rewarding you get during the process of building a new custom built home from the ground up and being able to stand back when you are done and admire the work you did with your bare hands. 

We employ some of the best craftsmen around to be sure to deliver the absolute best product you can get in a custom home but we can't do it alone. We work directly one-on-one with subcontractors for HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing with local award-winning companies to ensure not only do you get the most beautiful home you envisioned but to also get a home with long-lasting low maintenance internals. 

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What does the Home Building Process Look Like?

Well, working with every contractor can be very different but we are happy to share what the process looks like here at JC Construction when you are ready to begin the conversation about custom home building. 

Step 1)

First, We need to have a conversation about your vision.


This may be the absolute most important step in the whole process and unfortunately most often the most rushed step. We need to know exactly what your vision for your home is so we can be sure to deliver just that. During this process, you will be painting the picture of what's inside your head for us (don't worry, no art skills needed haha). We have developed spreadsheets and questionnaires that will help us get through this process and actually make it a pretty fun process even if you are not sure what you want. 

Step 2)

Second, We will discuss a budget.

Once we can literally see the home you have in your mind we will begin building a budget. This is where some of the decisions you made in step one can get a little uncomfortable haha. We can give you an initial estimated cost based on your answers from step one and if these numbers are in the ballpark of what you had in mind we will move forward, if not we can have a discussion about other blueprints or finish materials to try to match your budget.

Step 3)

Third, On-site visit/Contract

Once we agree on ballpark numbers we will do an onsite visit to be sure your property meets all needs for the build. At this time we can/will give you final numbers to completely turn-key your project. We will go over all terms, sign a building contract and get the project scheduled

Step 4)

Fourth, The build

At this point it will be the designated start date and we will either begin grading or the actual build depending on your lot. Materials will be onsite to get us to a "Rough-in" or "Dried in" phase.

Before the building starts we will go over the build process so you know what to expect at each phase before we get to them. 

Step 5)



At this point, the build should be wrapping up. The home should be complete, the final grade should be complete, driveway complete (if apart of the contract) and landscaping can begin. The inspector will give a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) and you can begin moving furniture in. 

So ultimately this is a simple 4 step process that can be the experience of a lifetime!! Feel free to search through our blogs for more information on the build process, finish material, lot sizes, etc. 

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We are committed to serving you with high quality and value. We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful, comfortable property and we offer the experience and quality to help you get just that.

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